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"Kashmir" by Led Zeppelin recorded in the Arabian desert 2015

"Trashman Blues Theme" an original song that speaks of my experiences in 30 years of busking. Napoli 2016

Radio Guaglione "Walk Like an Egyptian" - Global Village, Dubai 2013

Radio Guaglione "Gimme Some Lovin' " - Taste of Kuwait 2015

I'm Mark Di Giuseppe better known as, "Trashman Blues", "The Straniero", Radio Guaglione" or "The Philharmonic Orchestra of the Spanish Quarter of Naples", and am arguably one of the most famous one man bands in the world. I was born in the U.S. but am now based in Italy with more than 25 years of experience building insane instruments and playing all over the world.

With 30 years of experience it's hard to describe what I do in a few words. I've performed in dozens of countries on five continents with many different one man band acts and real bands too. My current show, "Trashman Blues" is based on all recycled instruments that I have built myself and the music gets back to my Chicago roots.

I've performed in every situation imaginable including big stages, television shows, commercials, film, radio, webcast, Shakespearean theater, Comedia del Arte, prisons, hospitals, weddings, funerals, fashion shows, private parties you wouldn't believe, a royal palace, street festivals, folk festivals, blues festivals, jazz festivals, boats, trains, airplanes, buses. I've played for the rich, the poor, the deeply religious, drug addicts, prisoners, sick children, refugees and gypsies. I can do great shows in a high class environment or in the poorest neighborhoods. Wherever I go I bring my 30 years of street experience with me.

Please have a look at my site. It's so big you could get lost in it.

Kind regards,


Mark Di Giuseppe - "The Legendary Straniero"

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